EGX Post Mortem

We’re back and refreshed from EGX Rezzed! The response to the game was brilliant. We’ve compiled everything into a post mortem of the event, with tips for anyone who’s thinking of going to it or similar events.

What we showed
We pared the build back to Versus mode. It was the quickest way of getting a player into the game, plus people like competing with each other — who knew!

Attendees playing Aperion Cyberstorm at EGX Rezzed

Using the entirely accurate prediction method of a badge taken by each player (with some margin for error), we estimate around 500 people played the game. We don’t know if this is good or bad compared to other booths at the event, but for us it was great to see enough interest in the game that people patiently queued to play it!

The positive feedback we got over the three days overwhelmed us. A big thank you to everyone who played the game; you are key in making this special. You showed us the areas we need to address and highlighted the bits that were just right.

As well received as the game was, a big hit was something else we brought with us.

Repurposed SNES

Hearing some of the younger attendees ask what it was aged us.

A 20 year vet, saved from the clutches of the cupboard to live another day as a leaflet dispenser, the SNES caught the eye of a lot of people, which led to them looking at the game on show. Things like that make people remember you, but don’t go around gutting old consoles — ours had already passed this world.

From a developer point of view, it was great to get the game tested so thoroughly over the three days (with few bugs!). From a personal point of view, meeting lots of new people is something that justified the cost all by itself, and to see the energy they poured into the event is inspiring.

What we learned and how we’re going to use that going forward
More polish! The build was missing things like prompts to the players; when you play it day in/day out you tend to neglect those things… Making the countdown timer more prominent when a match is almost over (10! … 9! … 8! …) ups the urgency of those last second clashes. During gameplay we noted that what happened on screen could, at times, be difficult to follow. We found the things that would need tweaks while maintaining the game’s intensity.

During the event we took part in interviews about the game (including one from Nintendo that you’ll see closer to launch). You can find some of them below:

NintendoLife & Alex Olney talk Aperion Cyberstorm

Aperion Cyberstorm – Interview by McFixer

Now for tips. If you are thinking of going to one of these events as an exhibiter, you’ll want to remember the following:

  • Water: You’ll be standing and moving around for a lot of time. Sitting is a rare luxury. Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Hand sanitiser: Be kind to the people you meet and yourself. Bring antibacterial sanitiser. You’ll be meeting a lot of them. Post event illnesses aren’t fun.
  • Press: schedule meetings in advance. The press usually have a packed day planned. Be at the top of their list by arranging interviews well in advance of the event.

Thanks for reading. We hope you find any of the information here useful.

Would we do it again? Absolutely.


Cyberstorm at EGX Rezzed

Hi everyone, we’ve been hard at work trimming some edges and tying up loose ends ahead of the event this week. Here’s what you can expect to play in Aperion Cyberstorm at EGX Rezzed.

Versus mode will let you and up to four of your friends hammer each other over 12 maps of all shapes and sizes.

Challenge mode sends you to six unique locations, where you must battle against waves of harder and harder enemies. Abilities are set for you, and it’s those you must rely on to survive.

You might be asking, “what’s in it for me?” Visit the booth to chat with us about development on the game and let us know what you think.

But wait, there’s more!

Play the game during EGX Rezzed and get goodies*!

Aperion Cyberstorm badges and flyers

Visit often enough and you might pick up a complete set!

*As long as Cthulhu hasn’t taken them all, or while stock lasts.

In Aperion Cyberstorm, up to five players must work together or against each other to turn ships into scrap in a massive range of arenas!

Choose two Abilities for your ship from a pool of 13, and remember: use them at the same time for double the insanity; send shotgun rockets or rapid-fired spiral bullets into the face of your foes! Collect gems from destroyed ships to recharge your Abilities a faster.

Elemental power-ups drop into the map to add a second layer of mischief to your Abilities. Coat your bullets with the Ice element to slow your target, or the electric element to drain their shield at twice the normal rate, and many more!

If you’d like to know more about, visit our website, or follow the game on twitter @aperiongame. For slightly off-topic ramblings follow our dev twitter @aprioridigital.

See you there!

EGX Rezzed

We’re bringing Aperion Cyberstorm to EGX Rezzed!


It will be the first time the public gets their hands on the game, and we’d love for you to be there. Come and chat to the team at our booth – we’re all going!

What is Cyberstorm, you might be asking?
Aperion Cyberstorm is a 2D twin-stick shooter for 1-4 players on Wii U, where combining your tools can save you, or scrap you. Salvage what’s left of your team against dangers in- and outside of the galaxy, and mix the abilities you find before you’re added to the heap; smash an enemy’s shields with electricity-imbued mines, before melting their hull with a spread of fire rockets.

Find out more information at:

Office Music

As a company we listen to all genres of music whilst working in our office; it helps to inspire us and keep our energy levels high throughout the day. Recently we have been blaring a lot of 80’s-themed synth music, which is one of our favourites! The artists brand the music with many tags such as Outrun, Synthwave and Retrowave, but think of Blade Runner meets Friday the 13th with a good solid synth to help drive the music forward.

This style of music has been emerging through the recent years into more mainstream avenues of media; Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon used a killer soundtrack produced by Power Glove while Hotline Miami was supported by a mix of artists including M.O.O.N., Perturbator, Lazerhawk and Jasper Byrne which helped to grow the popularity of the music to newer audiences.

An interesting part is the artwork that accompanies the album covers. These are all mainly 80s themed with some artists staying true to the era with added ‘grainy’ effects and others achieving a new version of the 80s theme with elements of sci-fi, horror and neon colours.

VHS Glitch - Evil Technology

This genre of music is still fairly underground but many artist are getting thousands of downloads and the popularity is increasing as more artists emerge.

All artists need more recognition as the music they create is interesting and inspiring, and more people need to discover them. Below we have created a list of some of our favourites for you!

Stuff to check out:

VHS Glitch

OGRE Sound




Dance with the dead

Carpenter Brut


Jasper Byrne


We like to tweet out song we’ve been enjoying with the #MusicMonday hasthatag, so check it often and don’t forget to let us know your faves!

Aperion Cyberstorm for Wii U

We announced last week that we were developing a game for Wii U. Well, we’re proud to say that game is:

Aperion Cyberstorm on Wii U

Aperion Cyberstorm is a 2D open world twin-stick shooter where up to four players explore and decimate enemies across massive free roam maps.

Cyberstorm expands on the mechanics of our first game, Aperion Origins, providing hours of entertainment and varied challenges.

We’ve been quitely working hard to build the game we imagined a year ago and we can’t wait to share more soon!

In the mean time, check out our first game Aperion Origins for FREE on Android and iOS.

Aperion Launch and Develop 2014

On Tuesday the 8th Aperion Origins launched for Android and iOS. If you haven’t already, you can download them for your Android device here( and iOS here ( for FREE.

We’ve had some great responses and we’d like to hear from you too!

The launch of the game coincided with a trip to Develop, working in partnership with UWE Games to showcase graduate work with very talented individuals.

At the booth we brought two projects — a multiplayer modification of Origins, and a horror prototype we’ve titled Project Methuselah.

The modification we brought to Develop is a prototype for Aperion Cyberstorm. We thought that the best way to get feedback on a 4-player Aperion was to set it up and let everyone have at it. The goal was to win the most rounds by killing the other human players, with the enemies you know and love from Origins acting as a distraction that could be used to your advantage – use your bullet’s impacts to push players into swarms of ghosts to kill them, but destroy too many AI ships and every dead human respawns.

We’re happy to say it was a success, with a lot of people coming back over the two days for ‘just one more go’.

Prior to Develop we were asked if we could make a demo using the Oculus, with the words “escape”, “room” and “water” thrown around. Two of the team, Jack and Jon, took on the challenge. Over the course of three weeks a level was built, with an emphasis on tension and engaging the player’s imagination instead of startling them, which was felt would make players aware it’s a game. The results were better than we expected, with many positive comments on the art and atmosphere.

Where we go from here
With the interest expressed in the Aperion multiplayer taking that forward is our goal for the moment, and we’ll have news on that soon. As to the horror’s future… Watch this space for more news on that project.

The Move

When we first set the company up we wanted to keep costs down to a minimum. So the natural thing was to all work from home and have daily meetings on Skype to discuss what we were all working on that day. This worked for a while but we soon started meeting up regularly as we found it was much easier to discuss projects than it was over Skype.
A spare room in one member’s house became a regular meeting place where we could work effectively as a team and it became our make-shift studio.


Now this room wasn’t very big and even with re-arranging the furniture many times to find the best use of space it still wasn’t enough for a real workspace for everyday use by the team.
Time went on and we made it work, but we were on the hunt for an office that would suit our needs. If we were going to get an office we wanted it to fulfil all our needs as it needed to be an improvement over the free space we currently had. Top priority was to have enough space for different activities – to be a base of operations for the company.


…but seriously, we wanted the new studio to be a big improvement than the current so we set about looking for local offices. We looked at some ‘interesting’ places, but none of these met our requirements. Just as we were losing all hope we found an amazing space that was exactly what we had been looking for.
The square footage is big enough for all of our staff plus enough space for any future employees/freelancers, and the building has meeting and communal spaces, 24/7 hour access and a fantastic coffee shop downstairs.
When move in day came we loaded up all the cars full of our existing office furniture and headed to the new place. When we carried all the furniture to the top floor we then realised that the desks were too big and wouldn’t be the best use of space. To IKEA!
We found some thin desks which were exactly what we wanted, also new office chairs were a must for those long days and nights working.
Once these were all assembled and setup and we found a place for all our old furniture and the new studio was taking shape. We also added posters and games memorabilia to add a personal touch to the room.


We are very happy in the new studio and it is a great environment for us to create some exciting and interesting games!