Whats going on ?

We have been very quiet over the last few months and very busy trying to juggle working on Aperion Cyberstorm to finish it and also undertaking freelance work.
We came under hard times at the start of the year, as promised freelance work had fallen through (and naively we didn’t line anything else up) so we had make sure we could pay ourselves as this is our only job for all members of the team. This has happened to most of the studios I have spoke to and I guess it is the harsh reality of game development with no publisher or funding, as you need to pay yourselves somehow!

Luckily some freelance opportunities suddenly came in at the last minute and also family members were able to help us temporally which was such a relief.
So fast forward a few months and we have basically completed the entire game now with all modes we had intended in our design: Campaign, Versus and Onslaught (Arcade). Campaign has taken the most time out of the entire game development process as it does have a full story, boss battles and 4 huge worlds to explore.
As we were developing the campaign we noticed that we needed to add in multiple extra mechanics such as a upgrade system and collectables to help the replay-ability of the game and to give players a decent amount of content within the game. I know this not the normal way it should be as we should have removed sections to speed the development time up but we felt these were necessary.

Currently the campaign takes around 6-8 hours to complete depending on your skill it could be less than that but my last play though (mid level skill) was 7 hours on Veteran (Hard mode). The game has a new game plus mode named Brutal which allows users to play through again with all the equipment they have unlocked / upgraded against much more difficulty enemies and situations.

The Versus mode now has AI implemented and can be added to battles in a very ‘Smash bros’ style. This was to allow single players to experience the player vs player combat of versus mode without having to have friends around. And as we don’t support online we thought this was very necessary to implement. You can also combine players and AI in many different setups, 4 players 1 CPU, 2 players 3 CPU etc. They can also be included in the team modes which is very interesting and fun !

And Onslaught (which acts like an arcade mode) has now got a sequential unlocking system that means players gain stars from playing levels. Each level has a certain amount of stars needed to unlock the next (much like popular app mechanics). This mode is very fun as it is action 24/7, so each wave feels likes a challenge and gaining more and more points becomes addictive. Scores are saved and like all modes it also supports up to 5 players.

So we are basically done with the game, it’s just a process now of finding all the small bugs and imperfections and correcting these. We are so very close to the gold version for WiiU and are trying our hardest to keep bashing our way through the bugs and make the experience even better where we can. We also creating the PC (steam) version at the same time (Unity3D) with the steam SDK to allow us to create cards and badges etc and are creating a new website for the company and game.
And we have also moved office in this time as well which has given us more space moving out of the city


Thank you for all the support and help over the last few months as it has been deeply appreciated!

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