Aperion Cyberstorm @ McM Comic Con 2015

When we booked MCM Comic-con we were unsure what the reception would be like to Aperion Cyberstorm. We hoped that many of the attendees would be diehard Nintendo fans, and therefore more interested in our unique offering.


We arrived on the Thursday to set up ready for the Friday, the first day of the event, and everything went smoothly once we found our booth. We realised we had an amazing spot on the Go Indie Games stand as it was by a main walkway and not blocked by other attractions. Meeting all of our neighbors was great, and seeing what other dev teams were showcasing was inspiring as we all had a variety of different games for people to play.


On the show days we arrived early to make sure we were ready with our setup and everything was in place for when the show started.
As the gates opened people were running through the venue to find a specific stall — Dark souls 3 and Square Enix Play Arts were most popular.
We had some groups of people playing the game for the first hour and started to get a little worried that we had misjudged the interest base for this show. As 11:00 came we had queues of people wanting to play the game and had groups enjoying the local co-op side of the game as they could interact with each other; we had some pushing, shoving and even headlocks!

We had loads of people returning to our stand for multiple games and this was great as they now knew how to play the game. They brought new strategies for different combinations of aircraft and power ups to counter each other’s setups. We always hoped this deeper level would be understood so it is encouraging that the game works for both casual and hard-core gamers!


We found that giving out leaflets with our stickers was a good combo as it would help draw people into the queue for the game as the bright colours tingled their brains. Also explaining the main parts of the game helped as the chaos on screen can sometimes be hard to tell what the game is about.

One phenomenon we encountered was that when we had a crowd or a particularly loud group of individuals playing the game it would attract more people to the stand and it would keep growing, so we tried to keep the fire alight by inviting more people to the stand.


The random cosplay also kept us entertained as people were playing the game with the top three being “Pirate from start of Spongebob”, PowderPuff girls (Guys with big beards) and a working Nekobasu(Cat bus from my Neighbor Totoro).

We had an amazing time and were so thankful for all people who played the game and the positive feedback from the game was truly humbling.
The game will release for WiiU eShop in February.

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