Cyberstorm at EGX 2015

Whew! What a hectic weekend that was!

It’s been over a week since week took part in one of the biggest events in the UK games calendar, EGX 2015.

At the event we showed off the refinements we’ve made to Versus, along with the unveiling of Onslaught, our wave-based co-op challenge mode.


In the time between Rezzed 2015 and this event, we spent a long time refining the game, but it never compares to the experience of getting it in the hands of the public. This event was no exception, with hundreds of people giving it a go. What did surprise us was the number of families and groups of youngsters that swarmed towards it. The combination of 5 player support and bright colours struck a chord with most of our audience, which we couldn’t be happier about!

A lot of work went into making sure a player knew where they were, especially in all the chaos that happens, and we’re pleased that didn’t seem to be an issue. Making a player’s ship their own with a three letter name and colour of their choosing helped massively.


This bit’s more for the devs, but one of the benefits of going to these events is making new friends! There’s nothing like four days of standing around hocking your wares to bring people together, and we were with some of the best.
Shoutouts to the teams at The Dangerous Kitchen, RGBird Games, Dumpling Design and Stitch Games!

Phew. Now with EGX over for the year, it’s time to prepare for the next event…


We’ll be at MCM London this October between 23-25th of October – hope to see you there!

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