The new year, and multiplayer in Aperion.


We hope you’ve had a fantastic christmas. It’s time for a new year update on everything Apriori.

We’re close to unleashing a demo so everyone can get a taste of the game, so brace yourself for a 2D February; though if someone has the superpower to extend the month we’d love to hire you. That should be enough time to race through all the games you’ve received (and splurged on during the sales – not that we’re guilty of that…).

Until then we hope you enjoy this sneak peek:

Thank you to everyone over the past six months for the support and encouragement – especially you there in the back.

And now a word from Jack on Aperion’s multiplayer.

– – – – –

When we started creating Aperion it was meant to be a small game, suitable for a mobile device and using a twin stick control system.

As time has progressed we have further developed Aperion to include additional features such as different classes and selectable power-ups, but the major difference was multiplayer, originally there for testing purposes only.

Multiplayer was now the one of the most interesting parts of the game as it pushed the players to work together to overcome the harder levels. This game mechanic was similar to how Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO’s) work in that when the difficulty scales as more players are present in a level. Working together became the main game mechanic that we wanted to explore, as some players would play offensively and some would play a defensive role in the ‘party’. This idea got us thinking into how to expand this to provide some complex methods and strategies to the player. The answer was to make a class system that would give the player a choice of different aircraft that would have different properties and a different choice of power ups that would be unique to each class.

Once this was implemented it became a case of balancing each class so that each one would be a valuable part of the team. We ended up creating three different classes:

Fighter (Fast speed, fast bullet fire and low health);

Tank (Two bullet streams, high health and low speed) and;

Support (Power Ups charged quicker, medium health and speed);

We found having two Fighters, one Tank and one Support is the most balanced team to start with – you’ll have the widest range of abilities – but if all players pick the same class we’ve found it can produce interesting results (eg. four Support ships all with Freeze blast), but this method is recommended for more experienced players.

So, if the multiplayer has made the game a more enjoyable experience, the next question is “Which platform would be best suited for Aperion?”

We’ll save that question for next time. 🙂


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