The first post’s a lie: Sequels are harder.

Once you’ve done an introduction what do you talk about? A bit of back-story? A new thing you’ve been working on, or what you’ve been up to recently?

Hmm, not too bad. Lets start with those.

aPriori Digital comprises four people: Jack (our artist-man-thing); Jon (the designer dude – hello!); Matt (the Montgomery Scott in this little space ship); and Rich (a man whose ideas are as random as his coding is fantastic).

We specialise in developing titles with an emphasis on the mechanics of a game. We believe that narrative and mechanics can work together instead of being two separate components smashed together.

Right now we’re all working on a small title called Aperion – Cyberstorm (catch a preview here)which is centered around a “one more go” mentality, where working as a team you need to survive against different enemies in wild arenas, bouncing off each others strengths and weaknesses – don’t literally bounce off of each other though, the stitches just ain’t worth it. We’ve taken it along to a few events and received great feedback. We’ll talk more about Aperion and take you through its development soon.

Some of you might remember we were developing a title called Wing Rage, the continuation of a third year university project. We took everyone’s feedback on board and decided it just wasn’t ready. Whether we return to it at a future date has yet to be decided, but the wealth of knowledge we got from the process of development, marketing and talking to you all was invaluable. Thanks. 🙂

So where is aPriori headed in the next year or so?

Right now most of our attention is focused on Aperion, releasing–and supporting–the game, and afterward we’ll see where the wind takes us in terms of the next title. We always have something up our sleeves, though; no it’s not a mouldy sandwich, that’s up your sleeve, see? -shifty eyes-


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