Crunch time….

Soooo we are back and in full swing to finish Aperion Cyberstorm after coming back from working on other freelance projects.
We are fully charged after being absent from the project for around 2 months, but this is great as we now all have so much new energy to finish the game and get it ready for release.

We don’t have much to finish but the main thing is to test the game thoroughly from start to finish as much as we possibly can. The issue is the campaign takes around 5-7 hours to complete, then we have all the versus modes and arcade mode, it will take lots of play testing to make sure no bugs have crept into our code!

We will be much more active on social media to help show new aspects of the game off and to get a glimpse of other features we have now finished.

As always we are on the lookout for journalists, Youtuber’s and streamers to review and play Aperion Cyberstorm so if you are interested get in contact with us!

Thank you again for all your support over the development of Aperion Cyberstorm we are excited to release the final game and get people playing it around the world 🙂


Whats going on ?

We have been very quiet over the last few months and very busy trying to juggle working on Aperion Cyberstorm to finish it and also undertaking freelance work.
We came under hard times at the start of the year, as promised freelance work had fallen through (and naively we didn’t line anything else up) so we had make sure we could pay ourselves as this is our only job for all members of the team. This has happened to most of the studios I have spoke to and I guess it is the harsh reality of game development with no publisher or funding, as you need to pay yourselves somehow!

Luckily some freelance opportunities suddenly came in at the last minute and also family members were able to help us temporally which was such a relief.
So fast forward a few months and we have basically completed the entire game now with all modes we had intended in our design: Campaign, Versus and Onslaught (Arcade). Campaign has taken the most time out of the entire game development process as it does have a full story, boss battles and 4 huge worlds to explore.
As we were developing the campaign we noticed that we needed to add in multiple extra mechanics such as a upgrade system and collectables to help the replay-ability of the game and to give players a decent amount of content within the game. I know this not the normal way it should be as we should have removed sections to speed the development time up but we felt these were necessary.

Currently the campaign takes around 6-8 hours to complete depending on your skill it could be less than that but my last play though (mid level skill) was 7 hours on Veteran (Hard mode). The game has a new game plus mode named Brutal which allows users to play through again with all the equipment they have unlocked / upgraded against much more difficulty enemies and situations.

The Versus mode now has AI implemented and can be added to battles in a very ‘Smash bros’ style. This was to allow single players to experience the player vs player combat of versus mode without having to have friends around. And as we don’t support online we thought this was very necessary to implement. You can also combine players and AI in many different setups, 4 players 1 CPU, 2 players 3 CPU etc. They can also be included in the team modes which is very interesting and fun !

And Onslaught (which acts like an arcade mode) has now got a sequential unlocking system that means players gain stars from playing levels. Each level has a certain amount of stars needed to unlock the next (much like popular app mechanics). This mode is very fun as it is action 24/7, so each wave feels likes a challenge and gaining more and more points becomes addictive. Scores are saved and like all modes it also supports up to 5 players.

So we are basically done with the game, it’s just a process now of finding all the small bugs and imperfections and correcting these. We are so very close to the gold version for WiiU and are trying our hardest to keep bashing our way through the bugs and make the experience even better where we can. We also creating the PC (steam) version at the same time (Unity3D) with the steam SDK to allow us to create cards and badges etc and are creating a new website for the company and game.
And we have also moved office in this time as well which has given us more space moving out of the city


Thank you for all the support and help over the last few months as it has been deeply appreciated!

Aperion Cyberstorm @ McM Comic Con 2015

When we booked MCM Comic-con we were unsure what the reception would be like to Aperion Cyberstorm. We hoped that many of the attendees would be diehard Nintendo fans, and therefore more interested in our unique offering.


We arrived on the Thursday to set up ready for the Friday, the first day of the event, and everything went smoothly once we found our booth. We realised we had an amazing spot on the Go Indie Games stand as it was by a main walkway and not blocked by other attractions. Meeting all of our neighbors was great, and seeing what other dev teams were showcasing was inspiring as we all had a variety of different games for people to play.


On the show days we arrived early to make sure we were ready with our setup and everything was in place for when the show started.
As the gates opened people were running through the venue to find a specific stall — Dark souls 3 and Square Enix Play Arts were most popular.
We had some groups of people playing the game for the first hour and started to get a little worried that we had misjudged the interest base for this show. As 11:00 came we had queues of people wanting to play the game and had groups enjoying the local co-op side of the game as they could interact with each other; we had some pushing, shoving and even headlocks!

We had loads of people returning to our stand for multiple games and this was great as they now knew how to play the game. They brought new strategies for different combinations of aircraft and power ups to counter each other’s setups. We always hoped this deeper level would be understood so it is encouraging that the game works for both casual and hard-core gamers!


We found that giving out leaflets with our stickers was a good combo as it would help draw people into the queue for the game as the bright colours tingled their brains. Also explaining the main parts of the game helped as the chaos on screen can sometimes be hard to tell what the game is about.

One phenomenon we encountered was that when we had a crowd or a particularly loud group of individuals playing the game it would attract more people to the stand and it would keep growing, so we tried to keep the fire alight by inviting more people to the stand.


The random cosplay also kept us entertained as people were playing the game with the top three being “Pirate from start of Spongebob”, PowderPuff girls (Guys with big beards) and a working Nekobasu(Cat bus from my Neighbor Totoro).

We had an amazing time and were so thankful for all people who played the game and the positive feedback from the game was truly humbling.
The game will release for WiiU eShop in February.

Cyberstorm at EGX 2015

Whew! What a hectic weekend that was!

It’s been over a week since week took part in one of the biggest events in the UK games calendar, EGX 2015.

At the event we showed off the refinements we’ve made to Versus, along with the unveiling of Onslaught, our wave-based co-op challenge mode.


In the time between Rezzed 2015 and this event, we spent a long time refining the game, but it never compares to the experience of getting it in the hands of the public. This event was no exception, with hundreds of people giving it a go. What did surprise us was the number of families and groups of youngsters that swarmed towards it. The combination of 5 player support and bright colours struck a chord with most of our audience, which we couldn’t be happier about!

A lot of work went into making sure a player knew where they were, especially in all the chaos that happens, and we’re pleased that didn’t seem to be an issue. Making a player’s ship their own with a three letter name and colour of their choosing helped massively.


This bit’s more for the devs, but one of the benefits of going to these events is making new friends! There’s nothing like four days of standing around hocking your wares to bring people together, and we were with some of the best.
Shoutouts to the teams at The Dangerous Kitchen, RGBird Games, Dumpling Design and Stitch Games!

Phew. Now with EGX over for the year, it’s time to prepare for the next event…


We’ll be at MCM London this October between 23-25th of October – hope to see you there!

aPD @ E3 2015 – Day Three

In the last of the series, Rich and Matt wrap up their trip to E3 with some final connections, good games, and a look to the future…

“It was a sad day today as the E3 show was coming to an end after an amazing few days.

Having had such a full day yesterday I decided to take things slightly easier and enjoy looking at and playing a couple of the games on offer. I had a go on ‘Smite’ which, considering it is an almost direct copy of ‘League of Legends’ but from a different camera perspective, was highly enjoyable. I also played on an FPS game (I never saw a sign saying what it was) and confirmed once and for all that I am terrible at such games!”

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aPD @ E3 2015 – Day Two

E3 entrance
Day two of Rich and Matt’s adventure in LA, and this time it’s business…

“My second day on the show floor started off by meeting up with a representative of GameConnection – a company that host events focused on giving developers, publishers and digital media companies the opportunity to meet and make connections that could prove invaluable to an up and coming studio such as ourselves. I was informed of several events they have coming up which could be of interest to us and help to potentially gain access to contact details for a range of companies that would be of use to us when we launch our game.

After this meeting I also tried to see if I could get any initial points of contact with some of the larger companies and publishers who were exhibiting at the show, with mixed results.”

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aPD @ E3 2015


Rich and Matt are taking in the sights and sounds of LA, with a trip to E3 supported through Creative England. To get a flavour of the things on show, Rich has made a developer diary of his experience of the first day:

“It’s already been suggested that this year’s E3 is going to be one for the record books and today’s opening certainly backs this up.

It took most of the day to see everything but I thought it best to find out where/what was on show and who was likely to be available to talk to before diving into anything else. This also gave me an insight into what many of the larger companies are projecting as the ‘future of gaming’.”

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